ATTENTION! We have recently been on the Jellybean Johnson Facebook page every Wednesday night at the same time. We are working with our tech team to broadcast on the air live at the same time. We apologize for those that are trying to hear the live show on RmR. Till we fix this please come join us on FB! Look for Jellybean Johnson in the search column and we will see you there! 

Jellybean has a Radio Show and Poscast! The Jellybean Johnson Talk with Jeffrey Luna is a new show only on Real music Radio where Bean talks about his life in music. Lots of great stories and memories shared along with surprise call ins from old friends and the who’s who in the music industry.

Jellybean Johnson Talk with Jeffrey Luna – Every Wednesday 5pm PST / 7pm CST

Jellybean’s Joint Podcast – Every week after the broadcast on Real music Radio Wednesday nights.