Black Cat

Janet Jackson “Black Cat” Jellybean Johnson Co-Produced this number one song for Janet Jackson in his days at Flyte Tyme Studio. “Black Cat” also received a Grammy Nomination for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. Janet had a recorded 8 bar piano riff that she played on a cassette tape for Jellybean. He immediately started thinking about Janet’s brother Micheal Jackson and his rock song “Beat It” and what it did for his career. According to Jellybean, “I told Janet I want you to sing like a Rock Goddess, a Rock Queen for this.” Jellybean no stranger to rock music, brought in the Marshall Amps and programmed a rock drum beat to give it his signature sound. He decided to bring in a local guitarist, Dave Barry to play the rock guitar riff that Jellybean envisioned would put this song into the genre of rock believing that Barry had the chops to deliver something even more than Jellybean himself could. It worked.

There is no other song in Janet Jackson’s catalog like “Black Cat” and only Jellybean Johnson could have put this song together as the rock anthem it became. Billboard Magazine’s Critics Picks in 2017 rated “Black Cat” the number one song in Janet Jackson’s career.


Alexander O’Neal Criticize” is a song written by Alexander O’Neal and Jellybean Johnson ( who also produced the song ) and recorded by American recording artist Alexander O’Neal. It was the second single from O’Neal’s second solo album, Hearsay (1987).


New Edition “Crucial” is New Edition‘s fourth single from the Heart Break album. The single featured production from Jellybean Johnson, Spencer Bernard, and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. “Crucial” hit No. 4 on the Billboard R&B singles chart. It was featured on the License to Drive soundtrack.

What’ll I Do

Janet Jackson – “What’ll I Do” was from the album titled ” Janet “. Released in 1994 and Produced by Jellybean Johnson.


Meant To Be Mint

Mint Condition, “Meant To Be Mint” Released during the height of the new jack swing era, Mint Condition’s debut was more in tune with the sounds of the time. The album was produced by Jellybean Johnson and Mint Condition. The album’s first single, “Are You Free”, reached number 55 on the Hot R&B Songs chart.[3] Their second single, “Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)“, reached nos. 3 & 6 on the Billboard Hot R&B Songs and Hot 100 charts respectively.


Alexander O”Neal “Used” was released in 1991 on the All True Man LP and Produced by Jellybean Johnson.

Not Thru Being With You

Michael Jeffries ft. Karyn White / “Not Thru Being With You” was released in 1989 and Produced by Jellybean Johnson.

Why Should I Cry

Nona HendryxWhy Should I Cry” was Written by Jellybean Johnson and Lisa Keith, Produced by Jellybean Johnson and Spencer Benard.

Brother Will

Harlem Yacht Club ” Brother Will” was released on the Mo” Money soundtrack in 1992 and Produced by Jellybean Johnson.

I’d Rather Be Alone

Karyn White, “I’d Rather Be Alone” Jellybean Johnson Co-Produced “I’d Rather Be Alone” with Karen White. Released in 1994.


Supernatural, “New Edition” was written by Jellybean Johnson, Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam Produced by Jellybean Johnson and released on the Ghostbusters 2 soundtrack. in 1989.